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ADHD Coach
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Let's Toss Out Your Craving For "Normal" And Shine The Uniqueness That Makes You Special

Empower Your Uniqueness To Lead Your Story

Public Speaking

The Narrative Of Your Story
Is Not The Sequel To Someone Else's Story,
It's The Reality Of What You Believe It To Be.
Your Beliefs Are What You Have Accepted To Be True,
Your Story Originated From What
You Believe To Be True.

ADHD Coach

My Mission and Values

place a significant appreciation on valuing inherent worth. My core values are centered around the appreciation that no matter who, what, and where each person is, every one of us has the same worth just by being and will contribute their uniqueness to the world when surrounded with the right environment that helps them flourish despite the presence of mental health conditions, their background or upbringing.


"What a person can do CAN override what they can't do."

I want to inspire a culture centered around diversity and individualization through promoting a strength based environment that embraces each person's unique strength 


     By offering, 

  • ADHD Coaching For Women, Teens, and Parents  

  • Mental Health Public Speaking 

  • Emotional Intelligence and Resiliency Group Coaching and Training 

Stop Molding And Start Mending

  • What if we can foster a strengths based mindset?

  • What if we can embrace each individuals inherent worth?

  • What if  can break the cycle of fixing individuals to fit into the environment? 

To start shifting our society's mindset towards recognizing that it is the environment that needs to be  adjusted to serve  the individuals!

Agile Mindfulness

Our society continues to lack an understanding of the term "Mental Health" and our perception of a

"Mental Health Problem" still revolves around the notion that it's an issue with the individual that needs to be "fixed" for them to achieve optimal performance. Unfortunately this mindset has been getting passed from one generation to the next. We consistently question why all the numerous initiatives designed to raise mental health literacy awareness and help provide avenues for support, aren't effectively addressing our challenges with the mental health crisis. The consequence of the absence in our public literacy regrading the term "Mental Health" continues to foster public stigma due to the "Fear of the unknown", resulting in self-stigma because of the individuals shaming themselves. 

So how do we break the cycle? 

You can’t fix something with the same mindset that created”- Einstein

It will need to start with fostering individuals self-literacy, instilling confidence in their abilities. Agile Mindfulness mission is to empower each individual to advocate for their needs, we are reshaping society's mindset to establish a strong foundation for Public Literacy. It will start by enabling each person to identify and articulate the gaps holding them back from building their talents and thriving.

Nora has had the great opportunity to work with companies such as

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