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Passionate, Driven, Personable, and loyal

I am married to my better half and blessed to be a mother of two beautiful boys. (mostly when they are sleeping). My background comes from a mix of Middle Eastern and American culture, I grew up living in different countries; each has its unique culture and beliefs; it taught me to appreciate that no matter where we are, we are all humans breathing the same oxygen and having the same heartbeat. Yet there is a story behind each of us that makes us unique in what we bring to the world. 

One of my strongest beliefs is that the essence of anything is in it's truest form that will bring forth its absolute best. It was only very recently in my life did I adopt this belief for my own self.

I realized I had become a master at camouflaging my imposter syndrome by distracting myself from facing the shame of  "I'm not as worthy as everyone else" because of my childhood,  my job performance, my ADHD, my Bipolar disorder .. You Name It! Every time I proved to myself that I'm capable I turn around and pinpoint the next flaw that I needed to fix before it could expose me as a fraud.

It is mind blowing how the weight of the world falls off my shoulders when I learnt how to embrace Self-Literacy out of genuine curiosity. Learning about myself with the same compassion I extended to others freed me from the constant  urge to "Fix" myself to blend in, and instead started to embrace what I am capable of and pinpoint what is hindering me from my success. 

A quote by Dave Dame that really resonates with me is," Everyone has a disability, some just show it more than others".  Imagine what our world would look like, especially for our kids and all the next generations, if we embrace "Different" as an opportunity to discover unique contributions that could be leverages to enhance our collective experiences.....

ADHD Coach
ADHD Coach

I almost forgot to tell you about my third precious baby !!!!

ADHD Coach


Energetic, Empowering, Compassionate, and Creative




I believe that every person blossoms in their unique way. No matter the obstacles, everyone has the power to change their life.​

My coaching approach embraces diversity and individualization, fostering each persons growth in their own special way. I leverage various strength-based models, positive psychology principles, interventions and tools tailored specifically to ADHD. Together  We can help you recognize your own flavor of ADHD and guide you towards turning into your superpower instead of letting it hold you back.

  - I have collaborated with multiple teens, gained their trust by showing them that ill be their biggest advocate, empowered them to find confidence in their abilities,  and  develop an ADHD supportive system that enabled them to succeed in shaping their future paths.

  - Guided many parents in gaining a deeper understanding of how ADHD can impact their children's self-discovery  journey and the tactics to support them in establishing systems and skills needed that create a positive learning environment, empowering their ADHD children and boosting their confidence.

  - Partnered with numerous women, helping them accept their ADHD and reframe their experiences through a different lens, empowering them to build new healthy habits, incorporate strategies that helped them achieve their goals and celebrate their ADHD strengths.  

My clients trust me because they feel listened to and understood. They know I'm their biggest advocate and believe in our partnership, leading them to meaningful growth. They become driven and motivated, shifting their mindset to only accept that there are no limits to what they can accomplish. 

ADHD Coach


Nora has many gifts to share with the ADHD community.
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