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Get Some Tips, Fact Sheets, and Helpful Tools 

Mental Health Coaching vs. Therapy Document

Download PDF Identifying the critical differences between mental health coaching and therapy 

How The ADHD Brain Works

Download PDF ADHD is not a behavioral problem it is a  neurodevelopmental 

disorder in brain's , here is a simple explanation of how the ADHD brain works !

What Does ADHD Look Like For Women

Download PDF How ADHD looks different in women than the traditional

DSM symptoms identified  

Women ADHD Self Exploration Checklist

Download PDF Wondering if you have ADHD?

This checklist of common ADHD symptoms is a place for you to start . This is not meant to be used as a diagnosis or replace medical help

Strategies For ADHD Groundhog Moments 

3 simple strategies that might help minimize those ADHD groundhog moments, when trying to tackle one simple task but it turns into a never ending cycle of distractions 

Strategies For ADHD Procrastination Dilemma

Creative strategies to make tasks we're avoiding more interesting without having to add anxiety to make ourselves complete them,

Strategies For ADHD Waking Up To Better Mornings

Why is waking up and getting out of bed is difficult for ADHDers and strategies for better mornings

Strategies For ADHD Different Approach To Time Management

Strategies to help ADHDers rethink time management by understanding how their brain perceives time differently and shifting their perception to view it in terms of time usage to best manage it and take control.

Strategies For ADHD Burnout and Decisions Fatigue

Strategies to help ADHDers overcome burnout and feelings of being overextended or unmotivated by understanding why it happens and proactively breaking the burnout cycle to stay ahead.

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