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It's Simple.With ADHD The Rules Do Not Apply
We Make Our Own Rules!
ADHD Coach

HSA/FSA eligible with Trumed for ADHD coaching services

Uncover How You Can Transform Your ADHD Into Your New Superpower


So Tell Me What Is and Why ADHD Coaching? 

ADHD coaching is a relatively new field that has become well known for its effectiveness with supporting the individuals to improve many aspects of functioning with ADHD across the age span in recent years.

Knowing ADHD is not just enough;  The essence in being able to work with your ADHD and transform it into your superpower instead of fighting against it is to understand your own specific brand of ADHD and how it presents itself in different situations.


Whether you are diagnosed or undiagnosed with ADHD , this coaching model focuses on delivering practical interventions tailored to address the  specific skill challenges that are most commonly linked to ADHD and can interfere with the person's quality of life. Such as, taking initiative, staying focused, time management, being organized, planning, prioritizing and recognizing when off track and figuring out how to recover, regulate emotion

It focuses on personal goals and practical challenges encountered while navigating life  with ADHD.

The purpose is to promote a sustainable change by fostering self awareness and developing practical ways

to deal with everyday tasks teach how to problem-solve issues as they happen

It does not focus on a diagnosis, the purpose is neither to heal or teach. It is not therapy, counseling,  mentoring tutoring, advising or training.

The goal is provide support in reframing the mindset, fostering self-regulation and self advocacy , which involves helping the individuals redirect their focus to their abilities, identifying what's interfering with their personal and professional growth and equipping them with the tools needed to cultivate the support needed to empower them 


Agile Mindfulness's ADHD Coaching Framework

Im an ADHDer and have been there!  Here’s the truth...
No matter how hard you strive, unless you’re clear
on where and why you’re going, there’s no end to the cycle of chaos 

adhd women

Adult ADHD Women

It wasn't until very recently that researchers started to pay attention to how ADHD impacts  women, and the myth of ADHD is male a disorder started to get challenged. The ADHD symptoms manifests differently in women and more than often they get described as personality traits, which leads to us internalizing and self-blaming, never really showing our true selves. In part this is why ADHD in women is still largely misunderstood, overlooked, and inadequately studied.


Do you relate with any of this?

  • If I just try harder and do everything perfectly then I won’t feel like a failure

  • Always apologizing for every perceived slip-up and loudly lamenting your many faults

  • Bills tend to be paid late and you cannot seem to stay on budget

  • Constantly blaming yourself for being too distracted to “catch up” with daily responsibilities

  • Don't invite people over because you are ashamed of the messiness

  • Tend to avoid any setting where you might receive criticism or have the opportunity to fail at something

Are you ready to learn new skills and create positive change in your life?


Reflect how ADHD impacts your unique experience


Identify and celebrate ADHD strengths and superpowers


Develop self compassion and sustainable self care practices


Create ADHD-Friendly systems to improve daily life and executive functioning


Develop skills for improving emotional dysregulation


And much much more!!!!!
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ADHD Teens And Young Adults

I coach through an ADHD-informed lens and am a trained ADHD Coach and Parent!

The wiring of the ADHD brain posses it's unique strengths. Once you discover the tools and start to incorporate the strategies that brings out your creativity. The Sky Is The Limit !!!!!

I can help you harness your ADHD superpower and empower you to proceed through your transition process at the pace that is right for you while simultaneously helping parents take a step back and enjoy witnessing their teen blossom.

ADHD Teen coaching
ADHD Parenting

ADHD Parenting 

Raising children is not easy... Raising children with ADHD is NOT EASIER. None of the traditional parenting methods work! Without the knowledge and understanding of how to distinguish between ADHD behavior and what’s considered “normal” behavior it will be very challenging to establish an ADHD friendly home environment for your children. That environment is crucial as it  boosts your children's confidence to advocate for themselves, helping them realize that they are not broken but are truly unique. They will have the support to reignite hope by using their ADHD rather than silencing it.

Regardless of whether you as a parent experience ADHD or not, I am here to help you gain a better understanding of how ADHD can impact your children and share with you the tools that empower you to raise your ADHD children towards becoming the best version of themselves.

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