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WEAKNESS IS NOT A FAULT ... Unless It's Ignored

Weakness is a requirement. Its a prerequisite for strength. In our weakness we are made strong.
We do not get stronger by lifting something we can already handle.
Our strength builds during weakness. Without weakness without challenge there will be no change

~Bonnie Pfiester

ADHD Coach

Uncover How You Can Transform Your ADHD Into Your New Superpower

So Tell Me What Is and Why ADHD Coaching? 

ADHD coaching is a relatively new field that has become well known for its effectiveness with supporting the individuals to improve many aspects of functioning with ADHD across the age span in recent years.


Whether you are diagnosed or undiagnosed with ADHD , this coaching model is a specialty within the broader field of coaching that focuses on delivering practical interventions tailored to address the  specific cognitive skill challenges that are most commonly linked to ADHD and can interfere with the person's quality of life. Most often those challenges stem from executive functions diffculties.

What does Executive Functions mean?

Executive functions are the basic skills of self-management that allow us to set goals and achieve them. Such as managing our emotions, taking initiative, staying focused, time management, being organized, planning, prioritizing and recognizing when we’re off track and figuring out how to recover. Some examples of how executive functions struggles might show up,

  1. Messy and constantly surrounded by clutter (Messy closet, desk,etc.)

  2. Problems keeping track of your things (Constantly losing or misplacing keys, watch, wallet,etc.)

  3. Overwhelemed easily by bigger efforts or having to choose between a variety of options (Shopping at the supermarket)

  4. Forgetful of tasks and important details (Keep forgetting appointments and conversations with others)

  5. Struggle to get started on projects and completing them withouth getting distracted (Feeling overwhelemed and cant decide how to start the work and have poor judgment of how long things take cant stick to schedule and deliver on time)

  6. Constant feeling like you are in a rush, and impatient (Really dislike waiting for turn and standing in lines )

  7. Always late (Frequently showing up late to appointments, or rescheduling last minute)

  8. Can't stay focused in a conversarion 

  9. Cant' retain information easily (Sometimes you might need to read the same page over and over) 

  10. Cant keep emotions in check, mood swings, frequently blurt out things interrupting conversations, and make implusive actions.


The key aspect in those behaviors' that contributes to being an executive function struggle for an individual lies in the frequency and the impact it brings on their daily life.

ADHD and Executive functioning issues are highly linked but not the same, ADHD Coaching doesn't focus on a diagnosis .The objective is to offer assistance in developing self-regulation,  by helping each individual identify what's interfering with their personal and professional advancement and provide the tools to help with  acquiring the necessary set of cognitive skills. 

Knowing ADHD is not just enough;  The essence in being able to work with your ADHD and transform it into your superpower instead of fighting against it is to understand your own specific brand of ADHD and how it presents itself in different situations.

ADHD coaching can be a stand-alone intervention or a component of comprehensive, multimodal treatment of ADHD. Learn more about how ADHD Coaching can make a huge impact via  ADHD Coaches Organization Non-Profit and Psychlology Today.


Adult ADHD Women

It wasn't until very recently that researchers started to pay attention to how ADHD impacts  women, and the myth of ADHD is male a disorder started to get challenged. The ADHD symptoms manifests differently in women and more than often they get described as personality traits, which leads to us internalizing and self-blaming, never really showing our true selves. In part this is why ADHD in women is still largely misunderstood, overlooked, and inadequately studied.


Do you relate with any of this?

  • If I just try harder and do everything perfectly then I won’t feel like a failure

  • Always apologizing for every perceived slip-up and loudly lamenting your many faults

  • Bills tend to be paid late and you cannot seem to stay on budget

  • Constantly blaming yourself for being too distracted to “catch up” with daily responsibilities

  • Don't invite people over because you are ashamed of the messiness

  • Tend to avoid any setting where you might receive criticism or have the opportunity to fail at something


I am an ADHDer and have been there!  Here’s the truth...  No matter how hard you strive, unless you’re clear on where and why you’re going, there’s no end to the cycle of chaos and overwhelm.

Are you ready to learn new skills and create positive change in your life? I can partner with you , and together we will be able to help you

  • Reflect how ADHD impacts your unique experience

  • Identify and celebrate ADHD strengths and superpowers

  • Develop self compassion and sustainable self care practices

  • Create ADHD-Friendly systems to improve daily life and executive functioning

  • Develop skills for improving emotional dysregulation

  • And much more!

Take a look at the Tips and Facts page for more information on what is ADHD and how it impacts women. 

I can help with any clarifications or talk through any questions you have !


ADHD Teens And Young Adults

I coach through an ADHD-informed lens and am a trained ADHD Coach and Parent!

The wiring of the ADHD brain posses it's unique strengths. Once you discover the tools and start to incorporate the strategies that brings out your creativity. The Sky Is The Limit !!!!!

I can help you harness your ADHD superpower and empower you to proceed through your transition process at the pace that is right for you while simultaneously helping parents take a step back and enjoy witnessing their teen blossom.

ADHD Teen coaching
ADHD Parenting

ADHD Parenting 

Raising children is not easy... Raising children with ADHD is NOT EASIER. None of the traditional parenting methods work! Without the knowledge and understanding of how to distinguish between ADHD behavior and what’s considered “normal” behavior it will be very challenging to establish an ADHD friendly home environment for your children. That environment is crucial as it  boosts your children's confidence to advocate for themselves, helping them realize that they are not broken but are truly unique. They will have the support to reignite hope by using their ADHD rather than silencing it.

Regardless of whether you as a parent experience ADHD or not, I am here to help you gain a better understanding of how ADHD can impact your children and share with you the tools that empower you to raise your ADHD children towards becoming the best version of themselves.


Coaching Plans

Small Bite

6 Weekly One on One Sessions
 (Does not include the introduction session)

Each session 60 mins

  • We'll achieve clarity on what your most meaningful goals are.
  • Understand the outcomes that will make them a success.
  • Customized assessments and tools that will enable you to discover who you can be.
  • Empower you to be the expert in coming up with the best approach for YOU to accomplish those goals.
  • Collaborate on creating a plan that will ensure your growth and get you to accomplish those goals.
  • Hands-on support holding you accountable to stay on track, giving you a nudge when needed, and reflecting on root causes distracting you.

Cost : $870
Refund after first two sessions if not satisfied

This is a tryout package for new clients that are curious about how coaching will help you succeed; with the option to renew with the signature offer.


14 Weekly One on One Sessions 
(Does not include the introduction session)

Each session 60 mins

  • Everything included in the Small Bite Package.
  • ELI ( Energy Leadership Index ) Assessment at the beginning of your coaching journey and at the end. Comparing the two results makes your progress visible. 
  • PQ (Positive Intelligence) Assessment -How to Overcome Self-Sabotage and Reclaim Your Life. Assessment at the beginning of your coaching journey and at the end used as a measure of mental fitness.
  • Email access and calls in between sessions for questions, ideas, or anything else you need support with during our time together. 

Cost : $1820
Option to renew at a discounted price.



Single One on One Session 

90 mins

  • Returning clients with a preference of scheduling sessions as needed.
  • Cost : $125
    This is only available for returning clients after completing signature plan.

       Special Pricing available for limited income.  

    My goal is to help you shine your uniqueness and live the life you deserve. We can figure something out

    The Energy Leadership Index Assessment (ELI) is a one-of-a-kind researched-backed core energy assessment tool from IPEC that has been tested and approved by thousands of individuals as well as numerous Fortune 500 companies
    Allows you to Measure and transform your attitude by providing an honest snapshot of your perceptions, attitudes, behaviors, and capabilities in times of stress and non-stress. Recognize where your energy is and how it is being harnessed to help you progress or hinder your performance. Overall, it helps with the challenge of increasing awareness to be a more effective with visible progress
    Positive Intelligence Assessment(PQ) was developed by Shirzad Chamine  based on research from performance science, neuroscience, and cognitive and positive psychology.
    PQ  is a measure of your mental fitness that reflects the strength of your positive mental muscles that are serving you (sometimes called your “sage”) versus the negative that overruns you by negative, rigid behaviors(the “saboteur”)You will learn new activities to strengthen the brain, a big factor in allowing you to reach your full potential.

    © Copyright Positive Intelligence.  No reproduction, in any form, printed or electronic, is permitted without prior written permission from Positive Intelligence.

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