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Mental Health Advocate, Speaker, Motivator, Educator

Personal storytelling, Critical research, and Practical advice
that reveals the underlining gaps in todays mental health strategies and
explores an alternative operating model that adopts
inclusivity, diversity, and personal agency for a lasting approach.

Signature Topic

Every Mind Matters

Creating Workplaces and Communities Where Every Person Thrives

Tailored For Your Audience To Inspire Self Literacy and Self Advocacy For Fostering Public Mental Health Literacy

Mental health plays a critical role in every aspect of our lives. It determines our well-being, as well as how productive, satisfied, and engaged we are in our relationships, life, and work. This is not just relevant to mental illness, but to the more accurate reality of everyday mental health in the lives of individuals, employees, and the culture of our workplaces. Mental health struggles show up in things like stress, anxiety, exhaustion, burnout, and negative coping habits. While individuals and organizations tend to understand this, most lack the foundational systems and strategies needed to build a culture of lasting mental health and wellness.


In this powerful and insightful presentation, Nora Plambeck educates audiences through poignant personal storytelling, critical research, and practical advice. She demonstrates how today’s mental health strategies operate from a lack of public and individual literacy, leading to stigma, fear, shame, and preventing individuals from getting the help they need. It also results in policies that don’t account for individual differences, or strategies that just don’t work. Mental health practices must be informed, diverse, and empower individuals to advocate for themselves.

In this session, audiences will have an opportunity to explore a different mental health strategy operating model that adopts inclusivity, diversity, and personal agency for a lasting approach.


Learning Objectives:

  • Education and insights into the continuum of mental health, from illness to wellness

  • Applying a self-literacy framework as a central aspect of awareness and policy development

  • Enhanced awareness of one’s own emotions and feelings, and the difference between each

  • Proven strategies and resources to promote diversity in mental health culture

  • Principles and research-backed tools for effective practices, policies, and approaches


"one of the best speeches -
she had middle aged men in IT talking about feelings"

-Nebraska Code Conference Attendee

Nora has had the great opportunity to work with companies such as

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Public Speaker

'Nora's words went into my soul,
her speech had a huge effect on helping me
find my closure"

-Mental Health Panel Discussion Attendee

Let's Chat About Which Format Can Best Fit Your Event 

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Keynotes and Breakout Sessions


  • 45 to 90 minutes


Custom Training and Seminars


  • 2 to 4 hours

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Great For

              Non-Profits Organizations                Community Centers and Public Libraries       
Corporate and Workplace Awareness
      Local Business and Networking Events              Awareness and Fundraising Events

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