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 9 Weeks ADHD Women Group Coaching -  Tuesday Series
 9 Weeks ADHD Women Group Coaching -  Tuesday Series

Tue, Apr 02


Elevator Co-Warehousing + Community

9 Weeks ADHD Women Group Coaching - Tuesday Series

Empower yourself to achieve your goals .. Take charge of your ADHD and build personalized strategies for thriving and sustained success

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Time & Location

Apr 02, 2024, 6:00 PM – Jun 04, 2024, 6:00 PM

Elevator Co-Warehousing + Community, 1402 Jones St, Omaha, NE 68102, USA

About the event

Life as women is messy..... Life as a woman with ADHD can be even messier to say the least.. Sparking deep feelings of disempowerment,

  • Are you tired from the constant feeling of not being good enough no matter how hard you keep trying?
  • Have you spent all your life apologizing? You keep holding yourself back from opportunities to avoid being a disappointment?
  • Do you find yourself consistently frustrated by tasks that seem effortless for others but leave you feeling drained?
  • Is your life a repetitive firefighting mode, you find yourself overwhelmed, panicked through the day and can't complete all the tasks as planned?
  • Overwhelmed Mom syndrome, you keep trying all the suggested parenting advice and exhausted by parenting tips that seem to work for all other parents but you??
  • Are you that person who is always running late, rescheduling, or canceling at the last minute?
  • Are you working overnight the day before the deadline thinking "If I can create the perfect presentation, no one will notice I did it the last minute?"

You can turn things around ;  life can bring more rewarding without always having to try so hard. Most Important you are not alone and you are not the odd ball. 

I have helped so many women reframe their experiences through a different lens and learn the skills to manage their life to experience fulfillment.

Learn More abour ADHD Women Group coaching 

Program Description:

This program aims  to empower women with ADHD or ADHD like symptoms to reframe their mindset, embrace their unique way for thinking and transform their ADHD Into A Strength.

It's about recognizing that anyone and everyone is capable when they set themselves up for success by establishing a supportive system that aligns with their unique ways and anyone will be hindered when they are trying to cope with a system that challenges their natural skills

Who Would Benefit From This Program?

Women diagnosed with ADHD (or impacted by ADHD like symptoms and suspect they have ADHD) that are looking to

  • Learn how ADHD can affect daily life and explore how it impacts your unique experience
  • Build individualized practical strategies to enhance your skills and expand your comfort zone
  • Shift your mindset and cultivate new habits that enable you to establish and surround yourself with the right environment
  • Develop practical ways to deal with everyday tasks and learn how to problem-solve issues as they happen
  • Foster the ability to find motivation and maintain focus long enough to carry out a plan.
  • Gain extra support to address challenges that may be hindering success at school, work, home, or relationships. “like perfectionism, procrastination and emotional regulation”
  • Acquire new skills for improved organization, time-management, problem solving, impulse control and or managing finances
  • Improve communication skills, self-esteem, self-regulation, and overall wellbeing.
  • Build a support network with other like-minded women.

What Makes This Program Beneficial?

By the end of the program participants will be able to 

  • Understand and reflect on how ADHD impacts their unique experience
  • Identify and celebrate their abilities and strengths.
  • Develop self-compassion and sustainable self-care practices.
  • Create ADHD-Friendly systems to improve daily life and executive functioning.
  • Develop skills for improving emotional dysregulation and build new healthy habits
  • Establish a support network and connection with other incredible women with ADHD

Program Details:

  • 9 weekly 90-min group sessions with no more than 6 women (Some sessions duration may extend over 90 mins depending on the participants needs)
  • Group Activities and assessments
  • Two 1:1 alignment sessions (In person or online)**

Program Dates and Time - Session Time Tuesdays 6 PM -7.30 PM CST

  • First Class Tuesday April 2nd th 2024
  • April9th,16th, 23rd,30th 2024
  • May 7th, 14th, 21st  2024
  • Last Session June 4th 2024
  • 60 min 1:1 alignment coaching session (planned through coordination with the individual need to be scheduled prior to week 4 and week 5)

Registration requires a commitment to attend a minimum of 90% of classes for optimal value achievement.

Program tution includes:

9 group sessions of 90 mins each and two individual 1:1 coaching sessions of 60 mins sessions each per participant

  • Tution amount: $400   Payment Options :
  1.  3 monthly payments of $135
  2.  Pay in full amount of  $380

** The option to use FSA or HSA funds for payment is available, depending on the plan coverage. Additionally Installments Options Are Available **

Please email or  use time to discuss details for accepting HSA/FSA or installments

Program Scope Breakout (May vary according to group needs and progress)


Acknowledging You're Not Alone: Embracing Your ADHD

ð Introductions get to know each other

ð Explore how ADHD can show up and impact women in a different way than the typical description of ADHD symptoms.

ð Reflect how ADHD impacts your unique experience


Learn about the ADHD Brain and its's impact on executive functioning

ð How the ADHD brain works

ð Attention dysregulation and hyperfocus

ð Time blindness and now or future thought process


Emotional hyperarousal and dysregulation with ADHD

ð Impulsivity and emotional hyperarousal

ð Rejection sensitivity dysphoria

ð The epidemic shame of ADHD


The ADHD zone and the three Ps

ð Getting unstuck from ADHD paralysis

ð Overcoming perfectionism and being okay with good enough

ð Understanding the emotions behind procrastination


Your unique ADHD owner’s manual

ð What’s your unique ADHD flavor

ð Personal Values influence motivational and stressful triggers.

ð Becoming aware of the circumstances that support success vs. the ones hindering progress


Leveraging saboteurs and strengths to create transformation

ð Embracing a strength-based mindset

ð The pitfall of over exhausting our strengths

ð Set yourself up for success by realistic goals


Establishing a foundation for self-regulation and consistency

ð Set realistic goals and expectations

ð Break down in progressive short-term goals

ð Visualization and prioritization techniques


Building Habits and ADHD friendly environments

ð Build healthy habits and create persistent routines

ð Proactively prevent and manage burnout

ð Develop your coping skills toolbox and fallback strategies

Week 9

Cultivate Resilience and Foster Your Support System

ð Build your coping skills toolbox and fallback strategies

ð Elicit social support from friends and family

ð Reflection and intention setting

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