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ADHD Coach

What If We Can Create A World
Where Each Person Can Embrace Their Unique Strength Instead Of Struggling To Cope In An Environment That Doesn’t Suit Them

What Is My Unique Insight? I knew You Would Ask!

With over 13 years of expertise, I bring extensive experience as a well-versed and strategic coach,  successfully partnering and leading organizations across various industries through their journey of creating and sustaining a coaching culture. Enabling them to cultivate a culture that is agile, diverse, and inclusive. While navigating life and learning how to partner with my ADHD and Bipolar to help me succussed instead of holding me back. Concurrently parenting my amazing son, guiding him to learn how to partner with his ADHD, self advocate for his needs within the school system and thrive instead of being held back.


I place a significant appreciation on valuing inherent worth, and have been volunteering for more than 10 yrs of in multiple organizations and initiatives that support mental health literacy and individuals from various cultural backgrounds living with mental health conditions. Some examples Peer support facilitator and in your own voice with NAMI, an ambassador for the national institute of mental health, own your stigma, national council for mental wellbeing, and CHADD non-profits.

My Credentials 

  • Board Certified Mental Health Coach (BMHC) 

  • Mentor Coach- Advanced ADHD Coaching Master 

  • Positive Psychology Coach

  • Strengths and Emotional Intelligence Coach

  • Positive Intelligence Coach

  • Core Energy Coach  (ELI - MP)

Member of 

  • International Coaching Federation

  • International Association of Positive Psychology

  • Institute of Coaching

  • ADHD Coaches Organization ,CHADD, Attention Deficit Disorder Association

  • NAMI

  • National Council of Mental Health

How Did I Get Here

My Mission Is To Empower Individuals

To Embrace Their Unique Strength and Cultivate

The Confidence To Self-Advocate For What They Need

To Thrive Instead Of Struggling To Cope In

An Environment That Doesn’t Suit Them


Project Management

My career journey started in project management where I quickly discovered my natural inclination towards empowering and supporting individuals towards embracing their unique abilities in excelling and achieving success.  Which promoted my transition into coaching organizations. Helping Executives, Leaders, Teams, and individuals adopt the principles that cultivate a strength based, collaborative, diverse culture.





Partnering with organizations under various role titles helping them implement and improve its processes, Where i started to compile data to track progress and identify key improvements, revealing a common pattern of organizations missions and core values being established based on accomplishing the best economic value, with the expectations of the individuals needing to identify how to "adjust" themselves to be able to fit in and contribute effectively.


Agile Transformation Coaching

Guiding organizations through their transformation journey of creating and sustaining a coaching culture. Where it lead me to identify that the primary factor contributing to that pattern is the individuals hindering themselves from taking the initiative to understand their needs within the culture and self advocate . Instead they focus on identifying coping strategies to allow them to contribute effectively, while being unable to leverage their own unique abilities for a more profound impact.


Agile Mindfulness

I finally decided to leverage my unique insights gained from growing up in different countries each with their distinctive culture beliefs, living with and parenting a teenager with ADHD, and my extensive coaching background across various industries, as an encouragement to establish my own coaching practice dedicated to partnering with ADHD women, teens, and parents to help them gain the skills to transform their ADHD into their superpower instead of fighting against it.

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